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Puppy Training Tips

  1. Maintain consistency- You must be consistent with your puppy every day. This is the most important puppy training tip that every single professional dog trainer can agree on. This could be training times, mealtimes, teaching commands, puppy hygiene, and other imperative things that lead to an excellent and enjoyable life with your new puppy.                                      

  2. Be intentional and Deliberate- Training can be challenging depending on the puppy and the breed. The earlier you start, the better your outcome. There will be times that you may not want to take your dog on walks, out of the crate for their potty time, or teach a new command, that the puppy is not learning very well. Puppies do well with routines so repetition is key to your success. 

  3. Patience and Perseverance- It will take some time to crate train your dog and you must be willing to go through those tough times to get your dog where you need them to be. Keep trying and having a positive attitude. Once your puppy knows your frustrated or upset, it could interfere with your puppy’s development and focus on the task at hand.                                                       

  4. Knowledge is Power- Looking at web articles, watching YouTube, researching AKC’s website, or even watching Caesar Milan will benefit you. Watching, listening, or reading different techniques will only benefit you by knowing more ideas and concepts. Also, reach out to your breeder for tips. The breeder should be more than happy to assist you with this process. Last, join dog training groups or your dog’s breed groups to learn training information in-depth about your dog’s breed.    

  5. Believe in Yourself- “The man who thinks says he can, and the man says thinks he can’t, are both right”- Confucius. This is very true. You can do this! Following those other tips will benefit you. You made the decision to purchase a puppy, put the time it takes to train them. You will reap the benefits of your dedicated training. It starts with you and ends with you. Just remember to “win the day” with your pup. This means give your pup all you can to protect, teach, train, bond, love, and appreciate the way every responsible dog owner does.



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