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Benefits of Paid Waiting List

  • Locks in your price 

  • Ensures you get the specific puppy you desire (coat color and gender)

  • Gives you priority pick for our future Unbelievabull puppies

  • Puppy deposits to the general public will not be accepted until after the puppies are offered to the paid waiting list clients first​

Please view the upcoming litters page for future puppies.

If you want to lock in a puppy price and/or interested in a particular color or gender, be sure to contact Unbelievabulls to become a part of the Paid Waiting List.

Once the puppies are born,  final prices will not be determined until the puppies are least three to four weeks old, unless you locked in a price with the Paid Waiting List.

Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

**Unbelievabulls' reserves the right to have first pick off litters for the betterment of our breeding program**


Cost of Paid Waiting List

English Bulldogs​
  • $5000 for rare colors (Lilac, Chocolate, Blue, Black) with a $1000 Deposit
  • $6000 for Merle of any color with a $2000 Deposit
French Bulldogs
  • $3000 (Black, Fawn, Sable)
  • $4000 (Cream, Lilac, Blue) 
  • $5000 (Isabella, Rojo, Coco, Chocolate)
  • $8000 Fluffies
  • For Merles, add $1000

*****Paid Waiting List is for Pet homes only*****

How to be on the Paid Waiting List

Contact Unbelievabulls directly to start the process

Pay your deposit 

Sign your Paid Waiting List Agreement

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