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English Bulldog Care Tips

  • Fully research the English Bulldog breed before adopting one
  • Don't leave your bulldog outside on hot days or directly in sunlight
  • Wipe out your bulldog's wrinkles on a daily basis
  • Wipe your bulldogs paws and check for any infection, cysts, or wounds
  • Regularly bathe and brush your bulldog, this will help keep allergens off their skin
  • Clean your bulldogs ears weekly to prevent ear infections
  • Trim your bulldog's nails routinely
  • Never leave your bulldog access to his food bag unattended, the dog could eat too much dog food and could be fatal
  • Measure and follow the instructions on your dog food for your bulldog
  • Give your bulldog a grain-free dog food
  • Invest into a pet insurance policy for your bulldog 
  • Never pick your bulldog up by the shoulders or armpit area
  • Never give your dog animal bones especially chicken!
  • Train your bulldog as soon as you get them home, the earlier, the better
  • Make sure to exercise your bulldog daily, going on walks, playing fetch, and playing with toys.
  • Don't run with your bulldog, due to their small airways, they will have a hard time breathing
  • Pet your bulldog frequently and love on him/her as much as you can!
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