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Why Unbelievabulls?

Our Mission

To provide high quality, intelligent, and loving English and French Bulldogs to qualified, loving, caring, and dedicated English bulldog lover’s homes. Placing our bulldogs in excellent homes to provide the following: friendship, love, protection, and devotion, to our clients.

Our Unbelievabull Story

Avid Bulldog lovers and breeders since 2014. All of our males and females live with us and we own them all. Our bulldogs are completely spoiled with love, care, and extensive training by us and professional dog trainers. In our spare time, we currently serve this great country with American pride, in THE United States Army. We are proudly American Soldier and First Responder owned and operated.

''Purchasing an English Bulldog can be overwhelming, I want to put our clients at ease and provide them with an excellent experience that they never forget and truly appreciate”- Darryl

"We want to provide an “Unbelievabull” experience, service, and healthy puppy for ALL of our clients!" – Emily




Dayton, Ohio

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