• Darryl and Emily Thomas

Platinum English Bulldogs!!!! The rarest of the rare colors

Platinum is all white, none or minimal body color, usually less than 10%. There is no english bulldog that carries the Platinum color However, Platinum english bulldogs can come in two colors. Lilac and Blue only. Spots are typically on their face, tail, ears, back.Their DNA is as follows.

Platinum Blue: Bb dd NN atat, Bb dd KbrN atat, BB dd NN atat, BB dd KbrN atat

Platinum Lilac: bb dd NN atat, bb dd KbrN atat

Platinum english bulldogs carry the color blue and chocolate for a fact.There is no way to produce or predict a Platinum english bulldog, it's random thing. They're beautiful english bulldogs without a doubt. If you're able to get one these puppies, make it happen.


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