AKC Full Breeding Rights Information

Color Chart and Pricing Information

 AKC Pet Only Pricing with Spay/Neuter Contract

Merle Color (Pet Only)

 Breeding rights will only be given to breeders who participate in the completing an application for breeding rights and are approved after thorough interview process to validate that they're qualified and responsible breeders. We truly love our dogs and their puppies, the welfare of our pups is very important to us.


Black Tri Merle $8000-$15,000

Blue Tri Merle $9000-$15,000

Chocolate Tri Merle $10000-$15,000

Lilac Tri Merle $11,000-$18,000

Fully Suited Merle’s are $3000-$10000 additional depending on the quality. Full Suited are the most rare of them all. 

Blue Sable:


Chocolate Sable:


Lilac Sable:


Black Tri:


Blue Tri


Chocolate Tri: $6000-$10,000

Lilac Tri:


Blue merle with kid.png